Increase Your Revenue and Grow Your Practice

Bring care within reach of more patients who want your services but don’t qualify for medical credit cards and can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket expenses all at once.

Regardless of the success of our business,Care Cap Plus has helped us increase revenue significantly. Our patients pay on time and encourage us to continue offering Care Cap Plus.

- Dr. Kambiz Tajkarimi, MD

Now that we have Care Cap Plus, our patients have an interest and fee free way to pay for their high deductibles over time. We have many cases with…

- Lisa Lodestro, Rowe Plastic Surgery Regional Manager

We just opened our new wellness practice and because of Care Cap Plus, we have seen a tremendous growth in the number of patients we are seeing and an…

- Dr. Evan Shapiro

Care Cap Plus makes me look good to my patients. They treat my patients like valued customers.

- Dr. Regina Hill

We have worked several years now with Care Cap Plus, LLC. The personal and financial support offered to our patients really enhances our patient loyalty as Care Cap Plus…

- Josette Portalatin AVP, Financial Services The Valley Hospital

Aged self-pay balances were a big area for improvement for us as we don’t file with small claims or credit bureaus. These receivables were also very labor intensive for…

- Miguel Medina, Revenue Cycle Manager, Hudson Regional Hospital

Patient pay has historically not received enough focus. The ability for Care Cap Plus to accelerate patient pay collections exceeds anything I have yet to see in my career….

- Domenic Segalla, Market Leader, Withum Health Care Advisory Service

Benefits of Care Cap Plus

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Serve More Patients

We can help you identify patients who have a high propensity to pay despite lower credit scores, handling 100% of the financial screening and collections.

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Increase Income and Improve Cash Flow

With more patients accepted, providers see greater revenue and predictable income. Most plans include a 30% upfront payment to the provider for the cost of the procedure, with the balance paid over time, typically 12 months.

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Instant Approval

Patients complete a simple, user-friendly online application, with electronic contracting and automated payment processing, freeing you and your staff to focus on your patients.

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Higher Patient Satisfaction

With Care Cap Plus, your patient is always treated with respect and compassion and the highest level of personal customer assistance.

Calculate Your Practice's
Revenue Growth

Have you ever turned away patients because they didn’t qualify for traditional medical financing options? If so, you’re losing revenue and income that can easily be recaptured with Care Cap Plus. See how much using our lost revenue calculator.

Patient paying no interest

Blog Post

8 Reasons Care Cap Plus is a Better Payment Option for Your Patients

Patient paying no interest

Blog Post

8 Reasons Care Cap Plus is a Better Payment Option for Your Patients

Reimagine The Patient Financial Experience

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