A Patient-Friendly Payment Option Designed Specifically With Patients in Mind

Our Approach
is Different

Care Cap Plus payment plans are not a credit card or a loan. Working directly with healthcare providers, we create a zero-interest, no fee, payment platform for patient expenses. These include high-deductibles, self-pay, elective procedures or out-of-pocket medical expenses. Care Cap Plus payment plans are not limited by credit score and do not affect a patient’s credit score – EVER!


Care Cap Plus Payment Plan Benefits


Access the
Care You Want

You can use Care Cap Plus with any provider, whether they are in your network or not, to pay for elective procedures not covered by insurance or high-deductibles.


Overcome Low
Credit Scores

If you were denied a medical credit card or loan due to a low credit score, bankruptcy, tax or child support liens, Care Cap can help you.


Avoid Hidden Fees
and Surprise Interest

Unlike medical credit cards, Care Cap Plus never charges you interest or fees. Medical Providers pay Care Cap Plus a servicing fee to help patients afford the care they need.


Easy Application &
Automated Payments

Applications are simple and provide patients with instant decisioning. Once enrolled, monthly payments are predictable and automated.

Compare Your Patients' Choices

Care Cap Plus

  • Mininum credit score
    as low as 400
  • Credit Impact: No hard check
  • Zero interest & fees
  • Automated monthly payments deducted through ACH

Care Credit

  • Minimum credit score
    of 600 or higher
  • Credit Impact: Hard credit check
  • 0% to 26.99% APR
    Deferred retroactive interest if not paid in full during promotional period.
    26.99% APR
    Deferred and retroactive interest
  • Patients make monthly payments via Care Credit app or website Through exclusive CareCredit cardholder account.

Scratch Pay

600 - 700
  • Minimum credit score
    of 600 - 700
  • Credit Impact: Hard credit check
  • 0% to 13.99% APR
    Late fees apply.
    Varying checkout fees.
  • Bank account, debit card and credit card payments.

Green Sky

  • Minimum credit score of 650
  • Credit Impact: Hard credit check
  • 4.99-23.99% APR
    Transaction fees and deferred interest
    Pay a small fee each time a transaction is made
    Deferred interest
  • Pay online ACH, check or phone call. Credit cards not accepted. Online bank account or check

Patients Love Care Cap Plus

It has been so helpful to spread my payments out over time without interest or affect on my credit score.

- Patrice A.

Care Cap Plus was a Godsend. Thank you for working with me and the opportunity to pay over time. I would not have been able to pay for my procedure with you! Paying over time, made it possible.

- Maria T.

Thanks for being so helpful and courteous during such a tough year!

- Gregory M.

I would be far more likely to visit my local hospital knowing that they offer Care Cap Plus. I wouldn’t have had any way to pay off my balance without a payment plan from Care Cap Plus.

- Marianne M.

The Care Cap Plus service is great!

- Josephine P.

Without Care Cap Plus, I would never have been able to pay off my hospital bills. I will go back when necessary knowing that Care Cap Plus is available.

- Shannon C.

Thank you for the flexibility when it comes to payment date. I have run into some difficult situations this year and Care Cap Plus gave me the payment options I needed.

- Justina B.

Amazing customer service, needed to call once and someone picked up the phone and helped immediately. The reps are so nice!

- Sabreen A.

Spencer was super helpful and very nice. Without Care Cap Plus I wouldn’t have been able to afford my medical bills.

- Ann G.

I applied for Care Credit but ended up not not using it, after having a difficult experience. They canceled my card the morning of my procedure. Care Cap Plus was able to step in and help with payment. I love the service and wish more providers offered this payment option.

- Meri M.

Had a horrible experience with Care Credit and I am so happy there are other options out there like Care Cap Plus.

- Rosario Y.

The Care Cap Plus program is extremely easy to manage. It is “set it and forget it.” It’s a super option.

- Kevin M.

Care Cap Plus is very convenient. I love that the payments are automated and that I get an email receipt. I never need to do anything to make a payment.

- Scott B.

Keep up the good work! Care Cap Plus is very responsive, very informative and helpful!

- Joy M.

Spencer was super helpful and very nice. Without Care Cap Plus I wouldn’t have been able to afford my medical bills.

- Erica S.

“No one likes to deal with big medical bills, but I worked with Care Cap Plus to deal with a big hospital bill, they were just so kind from the beginning. They worked with me to help me set up a plan where I wasn’t begging for a better set up, then kindly walked me through the process.”

- Nor B., Care Cap Plus Patient

No one likes to deal with big medical bills, but I worked with Care Cap Plus to deal with a big hospital bill and they were just so kind from the beginning. They worked with me and helped me set up a plan where I wasn’t begging for a better set up and then kindly walked me through the whole process

- Nor B. Care Cap Plus Customer

Very quick and easy. Great to work with professionals and friendly!

- Lisette P. Care Cap Plus Customer

Working with Melissa Anderson was an absolute pleasure & joy!!! She is extremely professional, and one of the nicest people you would ever want to talk to!!

- KD S. Care Cap Plus Customer

Sin la ayuda de Melisa imposible, muchísimas gracias.

- Rafael M. Care Cap Plus Customer

It was a pleasure working with Melissa she was very helpful and very informative I appreciate people like her that do their job well Thank you again.

- Yomarlyn R. Care Cap Plus Customer

Spencer was super helpful and made it very easy to set up a payment plan.

- Matt E. Care Cap Plus Customer

Spencer is such a pleasure to work with. He explains everything thoroughly and is very patient.

- Lisa VDW Care Cap Plus Customer

Having a payment plan option with no interest for large medical bills is extremely helpful and the process was seamless to set up.

- Shannon F.

Fantastic customer support! No interest, quick and easy process!

- Bonnie C.

We had a great experience. The information was explained to us so detailed, and we had multiple options to pick from. We’re very happy and satisfied with the service!!!

- Katherine V.

Informative, helpful and Professional…..Thank you for your kindness! Care Cap offer payment plans free of charges and interest….. glad to work with them.

- Roger V.

Very helpful and explained everything in great detail. Even stayed on the phone to make sure all was submitted correctly. Amazing customer service!

- Krystal J.

We had an issue with our bill and Care Cap was able to resolve it very quickly. The representative took great care in explaining our options and gave us great suggestions. They were kind, caring and very professional. I forgot last time I had such a great customer service experience. Thank you, it was a pleasure talking and doing business with you.

- Ari R.

Tracey P has been the most helpful representative that I’ve ever worked with. She is quick to call back and give transparency and confidence that issues are being resolved. THANK YOU for all you do.

- Michael B

Had some billing concerns and Care Cap went over and beyond to help me out with every one of my concerns. They spent a great deal of time providing me with what I needed to get my account up to date, and even followed up to make sure I received receipts for each one of them. Thank you.

- Julie G.

Thank you so much for working with me with the limited time I had to review payment plans. I really appreciate your hard work and now I can think of other things other than this outstanding bill you’ve been great take care.

- Mollian W.

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