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Let's face it, health care is expensive - very expensive. The financial burden on the patient is transferred from the insurer to the patient at a staggering rate. Hospital and medical providers' revenue cycle process has, for the most part, remained changeless. Patient communication is reactive and very rarely consists of more than sending out statements. When payment isn't collected, patients are typically sent to debt collections, severing the patient/provider relationship permanently.

For millions of consumers, paying for medical expenses is stressful and burdensome, even with insurance. At Care Cap Plus, we believe wholeheartedly that patients want to pay for their portion of medical expenses but don't always have a way to do so. We created Care Cap Plus to offer medical providers a proactive, socially responsible, and compassionate approach to patient pay.

Niche medical finance has been our passion for the last two decades. Our combined expertise in process and finance innovation have allowed us to create Care Cap Plus, helping hospital systems become more profitable by utilizing a modernized, patient-first approach to the revenue cycle.

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Care Cap Plus vs. Traditional Credit Cards: Consumer Driven FinTech Solution Stands Out in a Sea of Predatory Payment Options

On the Cutting-Edge of Fintech

With deep integrations into many of the industry's leading apps, Care Cap Plus' point of service and mobile applications enable instant decision making for providers and seamless payment processing for patients.


Informed Decisioning

Care Cap Plus contracts with providers to create a custom payment plan for providers' patients who choose to enroll. Our instant decisioning engine offers flexibility based ...

upon each partner provider's enrollment guidelines and upfront cash needs. Adaptive score cards are designed to fit each provider's acceptable risk exposure. Direct connections to credit bureaus, allow real-time, soft credit checks for each patient applicant, with zero effect on their credit score. Proven and secure API integration to applicant bank accounts are used to securely verify identity, protect against fraudulent transactions and instantly qualify an applicant's ability to make timely and complete payments.


Powerful Analytics

Our automated credit decisioning solution allows providers to design and implement data-driven payment plan strategies and scale to accommodate increases in volume ...

and growth. By including bank account verification and average balance checks in your decisioning tool, Care Cap Plus can offer providers the ability to accept subprime credit resulting in more approved and accepted patient applications.


HIPAA & Regulatory Compliance

Care Cap Plus is a Business Associate of each enrolled medical provider. While nobody can ever completely guarantee the security of information stored electronically or ...

otherwise, our cloud-based platform uses only HIPAA-compliant encryption technology for the transmission and storage of all protected health information we receive.



Care Cap Plus's seamless and transparent application eliminates redundancy, allowing for instant decisioning and payment plan processing when your patients need it ...

most. Our technology suite is a robust and efficient solution, integrating payment plan details and account information with contract and payment transaction modules. Once enrolled in a payment plan, accepted patients have several convenient payment options, increasing collections and decreasing outstanding debt for our partner providers.

Reimagine The Patient Financial Experience

Expand your revenue cycle to include Care Cap Plus