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Care Cap Plus vs. Traditional Credit Cards: Consumer Driven FinTech Solution Stands Out in a Sea of Predatory Payment Options

Care Cap Plus and the companies trending in disruptive tech in 2022 all have one thing in common: innovation. Innovation helps fintech companies like Care Cap Plus maintain their agility by focusing on end users.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, disrupters stand out and change the status quo for customers by delivering accessibility and convenience.

According to a recent KPMG survey 57% of financial institutions believe that fintech is the greatest source of industry disruption, even ahead of new business models (46%), and increased global regulatory complexity (51%).

Tech disrupters are fundamentally changing our lives. They make goods, services, and now, even healthcare more accessible.

At Care Cap Plus, we’re improving people’s lives through better financial access to dental and healthcare. Patients gain access to care while providers grow their business. It’s a win, win!

Care Cap Plus is the true outlier in a sea of predatory healthcare payment options. That’s why we’re committed to these goals:

  1. Eliminate patient interest and fees
  2. Utilize technology to accept patients regardless of credit score
  3. Treat customers and patients with respect.

With tech disruption comes change. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still significant challenges ahead.

Here’s how consumer demand for accessibility and convenience has been met by companies through tech disruption, why we’re against traditional predatory finance practices even from “disrupters,” and how Care Cap Plus plans to use technology to supercharge patient’s payment options.

Life: More Convenient Now Thanks to Tech Disruption

The top tech disrupters of 2022 changed how people live their daily lives: from how people pay for services to vacationing, and even feeding their families. Tech giants from Amazon to startups that are just IPOed, like DoorDash, alike have defined many of the tech trends of the last decade.

How do unicorn tech disruptors like Airbnb, Amazon, Cap Care Plus, and Venmo use accessibility and convenience to consistently deliver ROI?

What’s their secret?

It’s the feature most often overlooked by end users: tech disrupters don’t charge for accessibility or convenience despite it being fundamental to the mass adoption of the app or service by consumers.

For disrupters, consumer accessibility is now a cost of doing business, not a barrier to entry.

The outcome?

Brands like Airbnb, Amazon, Care Cap Plus, DoorDash, and Venmo are the disrupters of their respective industries and are actively changing how consumers navigate the modern world.

Let’s start with some examples:

Airbnb: Disrupting Vacation Rentals and Hotel Accommodations

Airbnb changed the way that people vacation by offering a convenient, accessible app alternative to hotels for travelers. Airbnb allows homeowners to rent property to travelers with fewer barriers than traditional property management companies.

Amazon: Disrupting Retail Through “Free” Shipping & a “One Stop” Marketplace

Amazon’s Prime membership program for free, faster shipping allowed Amazon to disrupt the entire retail sector by offering it along with a convenient, one-stop marketplace to buy goods online. Amazon is a top disruptive company because consumers feel that they are getting something for free, according to CEO Jeff Besos.

Care Cap Plus: Disrupting Affordability Gaps in Healthcare Payment Options

Care Cap Plus goes up against traditional medical credit cards with consumer driven solutions to manage medical debt without interest or fees.

Care Cap Plus is not a credit card or lender. Instead, we offer flexible payment options that don’t limit patients’ access to healthcare solely on credit worthiness.

Venmo: Disrupting Group Payments

Venmo solved the inconvenient problem of splitting costs during group activities among friends. Venmo is an app that sets up group share amounts and then instantly sends the entire transaction to the merchant.

It’s 2022. So, Why Do Predatory Credit & Payment Options Still Dominate the Market?

Even as tech unicorns tout the benefits of fintech and the “payments revolution,” most still partner with existing big banks and credit card companies. They’ve even defaulted to the exact same predatory revenue generators: high interest and excessive fees.

High interest credit cards are pervasive in the subprime credit card market so why are companies still creating them?

It’s easy for companies to profit from high interest and other predatory lending practices, but it’s not innovative.

It’s no surprise. Finance disruption is in its infancy. Traditional credit cards are also not helping some consumers. For low income borrowers, who face the highest interest rates and fees, traditional credit cards often only put them into more debt.The outcome for them is the same as any other subprime credit agreement: cardholders carry debt that companies profit from in the form of interest and fees.With high interest, suboptimal terms, and overall predatory lending practices, it’s time that consumers ditch medical credit cards for something better.

Finance Disrupters for Good: Care Cap Plus Paves the Financial Path to Better Patient Care Outcomes

In Florida, 1 in 4 people put off a medical procedure due to a high deductible or affordability issue, and 1 in 5 struggle with medical debt.

Patients consistently express the need for affordable payment options for medical treatment and care. Care Cap Plus created a way to bridge this affordability gap that exists today, especially among lower-income patients.

Care Cap Plus delivers convenience and accessibility for both patients and providers.We have the mission-critical elements providers need in a medical payment solution: automated payment processing, simplification, and instant approval.

Care Cap Plus’s provider originated, user-friendly patient app has already yielded results. As of August 2020, Care Cap Plus delivered 98.6% payment success.

Do Good While Doing Well: Ending Predatory Healthcare Payment Options

Care Cap Plus is driving accessibility and convenience in healthcare while putting an end to predatory payment options. Providing equitable access to healthcare means rethinking the industry’s current approach to credit and payment solutions.

Care Cap Plus looks forward to a future where helping patients reach optimal health is simply doing good business.