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California Senate Bill 639 “Gets it!”

As we wrap up our week here at Care Cap Plus, we like to review our customer calls and satisfaction surveys.  This week, like most, a resounding number of patients entered into interest and fee-free payment plans with their providers through Care Cap Plus, NOT Care Credit.  Why?  Most Care Cap Plus customers have been hurt by the Care Credit fine print in the past.  The retroactive interest rates of medical credit cards and loans are all the same.  They all set the patient up for financial ruin.

We are proud to offer payment plans, not credit lines, so that patients and customers can get the services they seek without fee hidden interest or fees.

Read more about Senate Bill 639 and why it was brought to the California legislators in this article published by Brendan Howard.

Read more about how Senate Bill 639 affects Veterinary practices as well in this article published by Suzanne Cannon of