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No Interest + No Fees + No Fine Print

Care Cap Plus Payment Plan

Care Cap Plus, LLC (“Care Cap Plus”) works directly with your healthcare provider, enabling them to offer you zero interest, no fee, 12 month payment plans for high deductible, self-pay, elective + out-of-pocket expenses.

Other patient financing options are numerous, but are not easily accessible to patients + often include onerous terms.

The Care Cap Plus approach is completely different. We are not a credit card, a lender or a loan broker, but a servicer for providers with patients overcoming the financial burdens of their healthcare expenses.

Care Cap Plus allows providers to offer their services to a wider selection of patients without patients having to take out a loan or credit card from a third party lender.


Highest Acceptance Rate

Care Cap Plus enables partner providers to offer 12 month payment plans to patients with poor credit. Based upon each physician’s individual criteria, credit scores as low as 400 can be considered for patients who maintain active bank accounts. A patient’s ability to make payments is not determined by credit score alone. Care Cap Plus uses cutting edge technology to quickly + securely verify patient plan eligibility.

Simple + Straight Forward

Patients get a payment plan decision in seconds using the Care Cap Plus app. A payment plan calculator is built into the application to ensure complete payment plan transparency. Providers (+ their patients) can be sure that there is never interest or fees associated with their payment plan. Patients are responsible for a one-time, modest down payment to their provider, helping to reduce the patient balance + ensure manageable monthly payments.

Pay Your Way

Care Cap Plus technology allows patients to make their down payment + subsequent monthly payments automatically using their bank account or debit card as a primary payment source. Payment via a credit card is also available as a fail-safe without cumbersome logins. Our technology allows for worry-free automated payments per your provider’s payment plan contract. Entering into a Care Cap Plus payment plan will not affect your credit score.


Have you been turned down by other medical payment plan companies?

Many medical payment plan companies use a good to high credit score as the primary decision factor to accept or deny a patient’s application. Care Cap Plus enables providers to create payment plans with patients having subprime (400+) credit scores. In fact, a patient’s application decision isn’t solely based on credit alone, but on the ability to make 12 equal payments on their outstanding medical expenses.

Are you looking for a guaranteed zero interest plan for your out-of-pocket medical expenses?

Many medical payment plan companies claim to charge zero interest. The fine print tells a different story.  In many cases, patients end up incurring significant extra costs that may include hidden fees or APRs that can increase the effective interest rate to over 25%. Care Cap Plus is not financing a patient’s treatment, but rather working with the provider to create a manageable 12 month payment plan. There is no risk of interest EVER being applied to a patient’s balance. Payments can simply be made through the patient’s bank account, debit or credit card.

Would you like to avoid opening another credit line to cover your out-of-pocket medical expenses?

Other medical payment plans are really just issuing a credit card or potentially high interest loan. Do you really need or want additional financial burden that might lower your credit score? Care Cap Plus allows patients the ability to keep their treatment decisions with their elected provider. Due to our zero interest + no fee promise, patient monthly payments will be lower, more predictable + manageable than alternative loan or credit card medical financing solutions.

instantapproval + simpleterms

Approved Provider

Partner providers choose the payment plans available to their patients + initiate the application process on their behalf. If your medical provider is not contracted with Care Cap Plus, contact us.

Instant Decision

The proprietary technology behind the Care Cap Plus application allow for instant, simple + secure decisions. Qualified patients are able to complete digital contracts with no hassle + no wait.

Automatic Payments

Information gathered during the patient application process allows for automated payments to be set up upon contract execution. Once medical treatment commences, planned payments are automatically initiated.

Flexible Payments

Patients can count on automatic + hassle free monthly payments. Primary + secondary payment methods are set up to reduce opportunity for patient default.